Up Next: Stanford CS193P iPhone Application Development

3 Dec

I have recently finished the Stanford CS106A Programming Methodology course to learn the basics of computer science, and after some deliberation, I have decided to learn iPhone development next!

I tried by starting with the Stanford CS193P iPhone Application Development course, but found it extremely hard to follow, mostly because it starts with the professor just telling you how to build an application without much explanation of the basics. As a result, I took a week to learn the basics of Objective-C on my own from a borrowed Big Nerd Ranch guide.

I now feel comfortable enough to continue on with CS193P, so I’ll be completing the assignments and posting solutions on here and on my github account.

Hope you will join me on this challenging but fun journey!


3 Responses to “Up Next: Stanford CS193P iPhone Application Development”

  1. DM December 4, 2011 at 4:31 am #

    I’m still following CS106A at the moment.

    I’m not gonna be moving into CS193P any time soon
    — mostly because I don’t have an iPhone 😛 —
    but as an aside if you wanted to get into regular C first before moving onto Objective-C, another OCW course: http://www.CS50.tv might be helpfull for you.
    I review it here: http://gotfu.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/opencourseware-harvards-cs50introduction-to-computer-science-i/

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