How Meditation Is Helping Me Become A Better Coder

18 May

So over week ago, I decided to try out meditating every day. I keep reading about all the great benefits meditation brings, so it seemed almost a shame not to at least try it out! I started out with the beta Preside Meditation audio clips, and then moved on to Headspace at the suggestion of a friend.

I haven’t been doing much coding for the past few months, as I was working on a different project. Luckily, I’m done with that project, and can once again fully focus on coding! So yesterday was the first time I coded since I started meditating, and wow, what a difference!

When I first started coding, not knowing how to fix a bug would really eat me up inside, and I would take my frustration out on anyone who came near me. It was just so frustrating and stressful not to know the answer!

In contrast, for the past day, I’ve been stuck several times (today worst of all! I’ve been trying to fix a bug for the past 3 hours!), yet, I am strangely calm. I noticed that I’m now able to fix bugs a lot quicker because instead of freaking out and panicking, I simply logically look for the problem and find a solution.

For those of you not familiar with meditation, it helps you work out your “focus muscle”. And in only a week of 10-minute meditation sessions before going to bed every night, I’m already feeling the benefits.

Stay calm and keep coding!


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