Don’t Get Attached To One Language

10 Jul

I really LOVE Ruby. It’s so clean and beautiful and fun to write. I want to keep using Ruby forever, but, alas, it is not meant to be.

Today, I had the pleasure of hearing co-founder of Pantheon Josh Koenig talk about building Pantheon, kind of like a heroku for php. One of the things that stood out in his talk was how many technologies the Pantheon team is using to make this one product.

Pantheon is built using JavaScript, Ruby (chef), PHP, Python, backbone.js, and a few other languages that I’m probably missing. The reason the Pantheon team uses so many different languages and tools is because they’re optimizing for using the best tool for the job instead of focusing on hacking one language to fit all their needs.

Learning a new computer language takes some time (although it’s probably not as much time for much more experienced developers, since all computer languages are built on similar concepts), so it’s tough to be open to learning more languages as a beginner. But that’s the job of a developer.

We don’t know what the language is going to be tomorrow or in a year, or the language we know today might not be suitable for the task we need to get done. So having that flexibility with languages is a pre-requisite for web development. My learning will be a lot more focused on picking up large concepts across languages rather than focusing on the syntax of one specific language.


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