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Carnegie Mellon Is Now Offering A Free iPad Class On iTunes U

1 Feb

For anyone interested in learning iPad development (which is very similar to programming iPhone), make sure to check out Carnegie Mellon’s free iPad Course on iTunes U offered this Winter! According to the announcement, the course is covering the following topics:

  • a basic background in visualization;
  • understanding of the cognitive processes involved in transforming visual representations into mental representations, insight and discovery; and
  • instruction on implementing these techniques in real applications for the iPad.

This class is for anyone with prior-programming experience, preferably in object-oriented languages.



iPhone Is Too Difficult For Beginners

9 Dec

I’ve been trying to learn to program iPhone right after finishing the Stanford CS106A class, but all I learned is that iPhone is too advanced for my level of programming. Not only is iPhone completely different from Java in terms of syntax, it also involves knowing a lot about memory management – even in the new iOS 5.

Instead, I’ve decided to learn Ruby and then Ruby on Rails. I’ve started Ruby, and it seems a lot more reasonable for a new programmer like me 🙂

Stanford CS193P Assignment 1 Calculator Solution

4 Dec

I got to be honest, this Stanford CS193P RPN Calculator Assignment is not exciting me one bit. I am working through it to understand the basics, and I’ve completed it without the Extra Credit. I’m also not sure about part 6, since my calculator says “inf” if I divide by 0 already, so I’m not sure what else I need to do.

Anyways, here is my solution to at least the “meat” of this assignment:

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Stanford CS193P: Entering Floating Point Numbers Into The RPN Calculator

4 Dec

The second task of Assignment 1 from the Stanford CS193P iPhone App Class requires you to make the RPN Calculator accept floating point numbers, as follows:

This task is pretty simple once you know how to do it. So here is what my strategy for solving it was:

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Stanford CS193P Initial Calculator Code

4 Dec

So I completed the Calculator Code from Stanford CS193P Lecture 2, and got my Calculator to work correctly, only to accidentally delete it from my computer. I then had to re-write the whole code. I also found the RPN Calculator to be a little confusing, and had a hard time getting to work properly at times.

I am therefore posting the initial code for it here. And I’ll post the add-ons as I go through CS193P Assignment 1.

So here is the code…

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Up Next: Stanford CS193P iPhone Application Development

3 Dec

I have recently finished the Stanford CS106A Programming Methodology course to learn the basics of computer science, and after some deliberation, I have decided to learn iPhone development next!

I tried by starting with the Stanford CS193P iPhone Application Development course, but found it extremely hard to follow, mostly because it starts with the professor just telling you how to build an application without much explanation of the basics. As a result, I took a week to learn the basics of Objective-C on my own from a borrowed Big Nerd Ranch guide.

I now feel comfortable enough to continue on with CS193P, so I’ll be completing the assignments and posting solutions on here and on my github account.

Hope you will join me on this challenging but fun journey!