How To Learn Backbone.js

8 Oct

During the past weekend, it feels like I’ve tried almost every resource to learn Backbone.js. I learn brand new topics best by listening to someone explain it, so I started out by going to a Meetup on Thursday night where there was a Backbone.js expert who was supposed to teach us Backbone.js. Let’s just say it’s great that that guy is not a teacher…

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Making A Simple App Takes A Serious Commitment

7 Oct

Even since I started working with Rails, I’ve been looking to build “simple” apps that would only take me a week or even a weekend to finish. The problem is that an app is never truly finished. And it is much easier to start an app than to actually finish it.

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Doing Something Crazy

6 Oct

I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. When I graduated from Dev Bootcamp, I got two job offers that I was extremely excited about…

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When To Optimize For Pleasure

1 Oct

This weekend, I finally got to watch DHH (the guy who started Rails) talk about Rails and Backbone.js in a recent meetup at Manilla that I missed. The talk was almost two hours, but I highly recommend watching all of it. Here it is in case you missed it:

Here are a few takeaways that I absolutely loved:

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Cost Of 4 Year CS Degree: $0

30 Sep

I’m pretty angry after reading this anti self-learning article by a Northwestern School of Engineering professor Mark Werwath, in which Werwath claims that Dev Bootcamp and other similar program graduates will not be able to have long-term careers as software engineers.

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Should Your Girlfriend Learn To Code?

25 Sep

It’s funny, but since I started learning to code, I’ve had more than a few guys ask me to talk to their girlfriends / wives about learning to code. Cosmo, take note… This is what guys actually want!

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My Rails New Workflow With Testing

21 Sep

After playing around with Django a few weekends ago, I decided to stick to Rails for my personal projects. This Quora answer sums up pretty well why I’m choosing Rails.

Another reason I love Rails is because I love test driven development, and Rails has testing at it’s core. I started a new project this morning, and wanted to share my workflow for starting a Rails app with all the Testing gems and configurations set up properly:

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