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RubyMine Review: 5 Features That’ll Get You Hooked

17 Oct

Ever since I first learned Rails, I’ve used TextMate and then Sublime Text as my text editors of choice. They worked fine until I started using RubyMine, a Ruby on Rails IDE, a few weeks ago.  There is no going back. Here are just some of the features I can no longer live without:

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How To Run Redcar, The Ruby IDE

16 Dec

I started out by using TextMateas my text editor for Ruby, but I wanted an editor that would alert me when I made a little mistake (like if I forgot to put an “end” somewhere). So, thus begun my search for the perfect Ruby IDE… After reading a few opinions on the “What Ruby IDE do you prefer?” StackOverflow question, I decided to try RubyMine and Redcar.

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