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5 Lessons From LivingSocial CTO and Co-Founder Aaron Batalion

24 Oct

Yesterday, I attended at talk by CTO and Co-Founder of LivingSocial Aaron Batalion at Dev Bootcamp. Here are some amazing lessons I walked away with:

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Hacker School: The New CS Degree

13 Apr

It is no secret that in Silicon Valley and around the world there is a huge shortage of developers. However, one reason there is this “shortage” is because most companies either want a Computer Science (CS) grad or someone with 10 years of experience who knows every single language. This puts beginner developers who are learning on their own in a tough spot. To get a job, they either have to create something super fancy that gets attention or keep learning for a much longer time (years) until they are “qualified” to even interview for one of these jobs – and even then, they might not have the right amount of “experience”.

I guess this makes sense. After all, it is reasonable for companies to want only the best developers. However, in a time where is a HUGE crunch in developers, these standards seem to be getting more relaxed and there is a new crop of training courses for beginners popping up that train and then possibly place them into jobs. Here are a few to watch:

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Get Paid To Learn To Code: A New Trend?!

4 Jan

Most tech startups / companies I follow are looking for “rockstar” or “ninja” or “A-player” developers to join their team. And, of course, the few rockstars/ninjas/A-players that do exist are off starting their own start-ups instead of joining existing ones. That means that there is a shortage of great developers, which I think is a good thing…

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